The full programme booklet, complete with all the conference’s abstracts is now also available for download here (.pdf – 4MB).

1 Digital Doppelgänger: Between Public Image and Self Perception Alia Soliman
2 The curation of sound archives: the Dutch Dialect Database Douwe Zeldenrust
3 ‘Catalogue these books’: Digital Editions and the Digital Library Ronan Crowley
4 Digital Scholarship at the National Library of the Netherlands Lotte Wilms, Steven Claeyssens
5 Tourist or pilgrim? Modelling two types of travel bloggers Suzanne van der Beek, Tom van Nuenen
6 Choosing publics as a scholarly act: challenges for creators of digital editions at the point of inception Elli Bleeker, Aodhán Kelly
7 The Proceedings of DiXiT: a European research network on digital scholarly editing Elli Bleeker, Aodhán Kelly
8 Visualization of European Integration narratives Laurie de Zwart, Sarah Döking, Nicky van Rijsbergen, Tijmen Weber, Anna Verhoek, Zsófi Bognár, Adrienn Adolf, Réka Köcsky, Zíta Huszthy, Renata Hrecska, Iris Hendrickx, Antal van den Bosch, Zsolt Almási
9 Using Parallel Data to improve Part-of-Speech tagging of 17th century Dutch Dieuwke Hupkes, Rens Bod
10 Location extracting tool for text files Rosa Merino Claros
11 DARIAH and the Benelux Sally Chambers, Maarten Hoogerwerf, Jan van der West, Marianne Backes